This isn’t your 1980’s laser tag. We operate the best taggers on the market: Adventure Sports HQ taggers with the most recent code. Don’t be swayed by glowing lights and arena music our taggers can perform with ranges up to 700 feet without having you stuffed inside a sweaty body vest. Get the feel of real combat with near hit feedback and even opt to have friendly fire turned OFF! Engage your opponents on our three acre course for 30 minutes at a time. Each session runs between 3 and 5 team based missions. We focus on team victory over the normal laser tag arena king because no single warrior wins the battle. You will have to use communication skills and learn to protect your fellow team members as you assault and defend your objectives.

Pricing: $15.00 for 30 minutes of play with 3 to 5 team based missions. Check our MISSIONS page for a full list of each laser tag mission. Additionally you can check out our ARMORY for specs on our taggers! And don’t forget to check out our Adventure Packages for your special events!