A:We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. A credit card is required at the time of a rental reservation being made.

A: We do not accept cancellations other than for extreme in-climate weather (example: thunderstorms). In all cases rescheduling for another time or day will be offered.

A: Anyone 5 years old to 95 years old. They must be at least 48 inches tall and cannot weigh more than 250 lbs.

A: Yes, since our equipment is commercial outdoor gear you can play during the day or at night. You can also play outside as well as indoors.

A: Each tagger has electronic sensors and they flash red when your tagger has been hit. The tagger also speaks to you and you hear, ‘Ugh’ when your tagger has been tagged.

A: Their tagger sensor(s) will also light up alerting that they have been tagged.

A: Vests get hot and dirty outside, so we don’t use vests. If you rent the Skinny taggers, the sensor is on the tagger itself. No other sensors are required. At our site, we also feature the Raptor tagger with sensors on the head. We supply a fully adjustable headband with three sensors attached via Velcro.

A:We suggest a backyard with many mature trees and shrubs (natural terrain) for optimal hiding and game play. If your yard does not offer that, look for a local park in your area. I recommend looking for the following: Great tree coverage, plenty of parking for your guests, public restrooms, picnic tables or a covered sitting area for your party and a play ground area for younger siblings. We also rent out inflatable barriers for any event, just ask about the details when you book your event or check out the Party Extras or Pricing page for details.

A: Yes, we offer Water Tag! Check out our offerings on the water tag page. You can also add water tag to a laser tag party. By doing so you can extend your laser tag/water tag party by 1 hour at a reduced rate by having two parties in one!

A: Yes, of course! If you are 1 hour from us we allow you to pick up 1.5 hours in advance of your event and give you 2 hours to return the taggers. Again, events scheduled for the day may conflict with this so please ask us about the details when you call.